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Inclusive of all people and cultures, we know how important remembering and celebrating the lives of those we love is integral to preserving legacies, memories, and the history that make up who we are. Our services allow you to tend to the needs of your family while we take care of the rest.
With new regulations in place, Craig's Crew is prepared to make your celebration as safe and compliant as necessary, to provide you with the celebration you want and the safeguards you expect.

Set and ready to receive guests.
A traditional Jewish offering, including hard boiled eggs and covered mirrors
A bountiful display, perfect for midday refreshment.

Let Us Carry the Load


The passing of a loved one can be one of the most difficult times anyone will ever face. 


At Craig's Crew, we believe that planning for such an event should be as simple and worry-free as possible.  As a matter of fact, it's really what we do best, and it's the work we love to do the most.


From sanitizing to PPE, we will ensure that you and your guests are well-protected without compromising the dignity and integrity of your event.


Churches to Synagogues


At Craig's Crew, we have the privilege of serving a variety of cultures, beliefs, religions, and traditions.


That means that whether you are sitting shiva or preparing for a traditional repass or holding a good old-fashioned Irish wake, we have the experience and the vendors who will ensure that every aspect of your event is just the way your family would want it.

It's All About the Details


Grieving the loss of a family member or friend is difficult enough without having to to worry about whether someone made the coffee.


From start to finish, we handle every detail. From set up to break down, rentals to catering, we have you covered, and we offer a variety of catering packages to suit any budget, culture, and preference.

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