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Thirty years ago, an energetic young man in his early twenties was asked to bar tend an event for a friend, and to bring a few extra bar tenders and servers with him. He had no idea, when he walked into a tent that took up an entire parking lot at the north end of Westwood across from a movie thieater, that his life would take on a whole new direction. It was the 1985 Rocky IV Premier party, and his first thought was, "Damn! Ya'll get paid to do this?" After the party, he and his friends had made such an impression with their service that someone said, "If you ever need any extra help, call Craig and his crew." And Craig's Crew was born.


In the years following, Craig had the privilege of being trained by the best event professionals in the industry: from working with Roccoco Catering to Andrea Michaels, Cheryl Fish and Colin Cowie, the list goes on. His passion for events never waned, and he learned so much that his company grew to become a full-service event planning company with event staffing, management, and DJ's.


The 80's were a boom for the events industry, with plenty of money to go around for everyone. It's a time people still refer to as "back in the day...." But even when the economy turned, not once but twice, Craig's business smarts, determination, and trust in God saw him through, and Craig's Crew's doors always stayed open.


In 2004 Craig T. expanded his business by bringing on a business partner. He met Carol, randomly, in a local Pasadena coffee shop, where they struck up a conversation and Craig hired her to do "simple computer work" for the office. The deal-maker for Carol was that she could bring her (almost) 3-year-old daughter Lydia to work with her. Being a mom for most of her life, Carol was always committed to being as available for her children as possible. Craig being the generous and smart person he is, made sure Carol had plenty of hands-on training, a private office, a desk, a phone,  and a computer; but more importantly, he made sure Lydia had Cable TV, a VCR, a futon to take her naps, and an office that welcomed her everyday with high-fives, plenty of snacks, and more love than she will ever know.


The partnership that started so "randomly" is as solid as ever. We have made it our priority to be students of our faith, of our industry, of leadership, and of life. We put a high priority on giving back to our community, to those in need, and to mentoring others to become successful; regardless of their calling or situation. Although we give back in some way, shape or form everyday, some causes just demand our attention, like the ones you see on this page.


Everyday we go to work, it's a party, and life doesn't get much better than that!


Much Love in the House...from our Crew to yours!



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