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For over 30 years Craig’s Crew  has served the event planning industry in a variety of ways, providing unlimited support service capabilities, using time-proven methods of event planning and drawing from a long history of training by some of the best event professionals in the world.

We make YOU look good!
Proud to call Pasadena our home!
The Extension of You


Even the most seasoned event planners know that there are those rare times when the calendar is full but the resources to make it all happen are stretched a little thin. That's where Craig's Crew comes in. We are the company you call when you need that extra level of event support, management, or staffing and you need it quick! 


We are the extension of you when you can’t be everywhere at once, and we give you the confidence that it’s being handled the way it needs to be with little direction and no hand-holding.

Not a Staffing Agency


When it comes to providing supplemental event staff, we understand that the success of the event is not just dependent upon the quality of the people we provide.  It's about forming teams that create a cohesive unit.


That's why we don't do "cattle call" hiring.  All of our staff come to us by referral only, and they have management capabilities, which allow them to work together with your team to give you the best possible service.


Regardless of whether they are in someone's home, a hotel, or a stadium, our staff will ensure your event runs seamlessly

If you build it...Cherry Festival Downtown LA
Taking It To The Street


There's a saying in our office: "Give me a piece of dirt and a vision and I'll make you a party!" When it comes to street fairs, festivals and large-scale, open-air events, no party is too big to handle or too complex to execute.


With training in logistics, event flow, fire and health code oversight, risk management and overall event safety, our teams can be brought in to handle a variety of tasks and ensure the integrity of your event is maintained on the very basic of levels.   

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